Cultural Climate Audit

In July 2021, the Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion conducted Franklin County’s first Cultural Climate Audit (CCA).

CCA Demographics

Franklin County wants to ensure its organizational growth is driven by diversity, equity and inclusion, so to help with the Cultural Climate Audit was distributed to 1,274 employees.

Staff at the Board of Commissioner agencies are about 49% White, 41% Black and 10% other races such as Latina, Asian, Native American and others.

See the Full CCA Here

CCA Metrics

The CCA had four sections:

  1. Demographics
  2. Cultural Competence
  3. Structural Accountability
  4. Culture of Inclusivity

The CCA results were used to:

  • Identify employee readiness and perception levels.
  • Provide recommendations for Franklin County to implement based on where their employees are.

Diversity and Inclusion Maturity Model

54% of county employees responded to the survey. Based on an analysis of the CCA, this is where Raising The Bar Performance Group believes Franklin County is as relates to the Diversity and Inclusion Maturity Model.


Franklin County Placement – STRATEGIC

Franklin County has demonstrated a commitment to DEI and understands it is important to its success.


Franklin County Placement – STRATEGIC

While Franklin County has demonstrated a strong interest in addressing and incorporating DEI, there are no KPIs in place that has embedded this. Work in this area has been identified.


Franklin County Continuum Placement – COMPLIANT

Franklin County doesn’t own fully own DEI yet. DEI responsibility falls to a select few employees. Not fully infused within the organization. Much work in this area has been identified.