Small & Emerging Business Enterprises

Achievement in the Small & Emerging Business Enterprise (SEBE) Program Will be Determined by Collabrative of Internal and External Relationship

Our Program

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners recognizes the benefit of competing business opportunities and greater numbers of minority, female, LGBTQ and disadvantaged businesses. To ensure opportunities are afforded to Small and Emerging Business Enterprises, the board established a Small and Emerging Business Outreach Program.

This program is a commitment to the small and emerging business to encourage competition and provide equitable access for all businesses. This program is designed to help small and emerging business enterprises and to encourage their participation in Franklin County contracts and procurements.

What Can We Do For You?

  • Encouraging business participation in county procurement.
  • Providing a procurement process where small businesses are competitive.
  • Sharing procurement opportunities through webinars, community diversity inclusion conferences, panel discussions and more.
  • Providing training and educational programs on how the county procures goods and services.
  • Offering guidance on the process.
  • Sharing examples of successful bids in years past as a learning tool.
  • Having staff available to take questions.

The purpose of the SEBE Program is to improve and enhance the competitive and non-competitive bid process so that more small businesses can do business with Franklin County.

We don’t simply talk of a need for equity. We track county contracts and purchases to ensure we are equitable.

Our Economic Equity Administrator

The Economic Equity Administrator in the Office of Diversity Equity & Inclusion office administers the Small & Emerging Business Enterprise (SEBE) Program of Small, Minority, Women, Disadvantaged, LGBTQ, Local and Veteran Business Enterprises participation in county contracts.

In addition, the Economic Equity Administrator promotes economic development for SEBE’s with the county and its partners to ensure entrepreneurship, business growth and sustainability.

Our Resources

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners is committed to supplier diversity. Read more about what we do:

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Proportions of Dollar Value of POs Awarded by SEBE Certification

Economic Equity Goals

increase suplier diversity

Increase supplier diversity among small and minority veteran, women, LGBTQ enterprise businesses doing business with Franklin County

Expand Economic Equity

Expand Economic Equity collaboration with community partners

expend collaboration

Expand collaboration with internal agencies and partners, such as EDP, to promote growth

enhance employee performance goals

Enhance employee performance goals to increase internal participation in economic equity growth initiatives


Franklin County will recognize and accept certifications from the following certifying entities: City of Columbus, Columbus City Schools, the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), Ohio Unified Certification Program (ODOT), the US Department of Veterans Affairs (Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization) and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

In addition to other agencies approved by Franklin County (i.e. Ohio Minority Business Assistance Center), we will accept certifications from any appropriate certification body for these certifications. Please include a copy of your certification(s) with bid documentation.

Franklin County Board of Commissioners SEBE program is a proud member of: